Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Come as you are! No special apparel or equipment is necessary to take the training.

How old are the participants?

We welcome participants ages 12 and up.

Who does Protect Our Daughters benefit?

Protect Our Daughters empowers women with six basic moves that can save your life. Protect Our Daughters teaches girls and women how to defend themselves against acts of violence and aggression. The program also benefits corporations by encouraging workplace satisfaction, and demonstrating their commitment to veterans’ issues and women’s and girls’ empowerment.

How does the Protect Our Daughters model work?

The Protect Our Daughters model operates through corporate partners and sponsorships. Protect Our Daughters recruits volunteer veterans from around the country and provides them with the training and resources to teach the Protect Our Daughters self-defense skills. Then the funds from the corporation cover the minimal training costs and the remainder of the funds support veterans’ organizations.

What makes Protect Our Daughters such a unique organization?

We teach you in one hour six basic moves that can save your life and are very effective. This program features realistic scenario-based training where participants practice new techniques at the highest intensity on highly qualified instructors and receive the necessary training in order to defend themselves from dangerous situations in a fun, high energy environment. Our training includes rigorously trained US veterans and has the dual benefit of training and instilling confidence within women, while also raising funds to support veterans' organizations.

Once I've taken the training, where do I go for a refresher course? 

Once you've completed the Protect Our Daughters program, please join our community on Facebook- you have access to step by step instructions for all of our techniques and key safety tips, as well as the latest updates. 

How can you help?

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